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Absolutely. DAK can provide everything you need for your facility, from basic material handling and safety equipment, to high-speed automated order processing systems.


A systems integrator oversees your entire project, making sure your systems work together seamlessly and give you the performance required. They provide expertise, design, installation, onsite support and more. The primary benefit of working with a systems integrator, like DAK Solutions, is that you have one team of experts working for you, rather than individual contacts at several different manufacturers, technology companies and contract houses.

The Value of Working with a Systems Integrator

Yes. You can access our full catalog below.

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Yes. DAK Solutions provides automated solutions to businesses within a variety of industries, including Pharma, Distribution, Automotive, Manufacturing and Food/Beverage. Whether you need a fully automated system built from the ground up, or want to integrate a new system with your existing equipment, DAK can help.

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DAK offers equipment and solutions for purchase or lease. You can learn more about our financing options on our Services page.


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How to Make Your Modular Office More Comfortable

Modular offices are becoming more popular in today’s warehouses. They give your team private space away from the busy warehouse floor to either focus on paperwork, interact with their fellow workers, or take a break before they head back out on the floor. Modular offices are the perfect way to create an office space without having to invest in construction or design costs. There are things that you can do to make your modular office even more comfortable and conducive to productivity:

  • Invest in quality furniture. No matter how nice the modular office might be, if the furniture inside is cheap or breaks easily, no one is going to want to be in there.
  • Install an HVAC system. While modular offices may be convenient, most of them aren’t highly insulated. You’ll want to install an HVAC system to keep the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Hang some artwork. Your modular office should have the ability to hold some artwork up on the walls. This can make the space more welcoming and encourage your team to take care of it.

You’ll want to invest in a high-quality modular office for your warehouse. Cheaper modular offices will require more repairs and replacement pieces over time, costing you more in the long run. Investing in a solid, well-built office will give you a structure that you can use for years to come. DAK Equipment has exactly what you need. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or contacting us through our website for more information.

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