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Absolutely. DAK can provide everything you need for your facility, from basic material handling and safety equipment, to high-speed automated order processing systems.


A systems integrator oversees your entire project, making sure your systems work together seamlessly and give you the performance required. They provide expertise, design, installation, onsite support and more. The primary benefit of working with a systems integrator, like DAK Solutions, is that you have one team of experts working for you, rather than individual contacts at several different manufacturers, technology companies and contract houses.

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Yes. DAK Solutions provides automated solutions to businesses within a variety of industries, including Pharma, Distribution, Automotive, Manufacturing and Food/Beverage. Whether you need a fully automated system built from the ground up, or want to integrate a new system with your existing equipment, DAK can help.

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DAK offers equipment and solutions for purchase or lease. You can learn more about our financing options on our Services page.


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How to Buy Used Safety Equipment For Your Warehouse

One of the easiest ways to save money on your warehouse equipment is to buy used.  A lot of warehouse equipment that’s no longer being used by warehouse has a lot of life left in it. They may simply be changing their equipment to accommodate new automation, upgrade their facilities, or make sure for a change in inventory. You can cash in on their changes by buying their old equipment off of them for a low price. Plus, purchasing used warehouse equipment can help you reduce your carbon footprint and make your warehouse a little more eco-friendly.

You shouldn’t shy away from purchasing used warehouse equipment just because it’s been in someone else’s warehouse, but there are precautions that you should take to make sure it’s a good deal. You want to save money, but you don’t want to sacrifice your team’s safety in the process. This is especially true when it comes to used warehouse safety equipment. Can you really buy used safety equipment and still be assured that your team is safe? Yes, but the precautions you take are even more important. Here are some of the things you’ll want to look for when making a purchase of used safety equipment.

Some items are better bought new than used.

Some items like barriers, guardrails, and safety columns are pretty standard and easy to purchase used. Just look out for damage from accidents or signs that the equipment might not be structurally sound, such as dents, scratches, and bends in the frames. If you see signs of damage, it’s probably best to pass on the equipment. On the other hand, you might be better off buying something like personal protective equipment new. That’s because some of this equipment needs to be cared for in a particular way in order for it to retain its safety rating. There is just no way to ensure that’s happened, so you might be putting yourself or your team in danger by buying used.

Purchase items from a reputable dealer.

Work with a well-known trusted equipment dealer when you purchase used warehouse equipment. A reputable dealer will know whether items are out-of-date or not and can give you some kind of guarantee on the quality of the equipment. They’ll do their own inspections before making a sale, giving you some peace of mind about the equipment that you’ve just purchased. Plus, a good dealer will have connections to the companies who are looking to get rid of their used equipment and may be able to help you find an even better deal.

Make sure used equipment still meets OSHA requirements.

OSHA standards can change and change quickly, so it is your responsibility to make sure that the used safety equipment that you purchase meets OSHA safety guidelines. Check the OSHA website for more information or talk to a safety inspector if you aren’t sure. Getting a great deal on used safety equipment isn’t worth it if it means you are putting your team at risk or your business at risk of expensive OSHA fines.

Looking for used warehouse equipment for your facility? Talk to the DAK Equipment & Engineering team. We work with warehouses all over the country and can help you find the right equipment at the right price. Give us a call or contact us through our website to speak with a member of our experienced team. They’ll get information on the pieces and products you are looking for and then help you find the affordable solution that’s right for your warehouse. Trust DAK Equipment & Engineering with all of your warehouse equipment needs!

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