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Absolutely. DAK can provide everything you need for your facility, from basic material handling and safety equipment, to high-speed automated order processing systems.


A systems integrator oversees your entire project, making sure your systems work together seamlessly and give you the performance required. They provide expertise, design, installation, onsite support and more. The primary benefit of working with a systems integrator, like DAK Solutions, is that you have one team of experts working for you, rather than individual contacts at several different manufacturers, technology companies and contract houses.

The Value of Working with a Systems Integrator

Yes. You can access our full catalog below.

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Yes. DAK Solutions provides automated solutions to businesses within a variety of industries, including Pharma, Distribution, Automotive, Manufacturing and Food/Beverage. Whether you need a fully automated system built from the ground up, or want to integrate a new system with your existing equipment, DAK can help.

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DAK offers equipment and solutions for purchase or lease. You can learn more about our financing options on our Services page.


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How Lighting Can Affect Your Industrial Shelves

When it comes to your industrial shelves, there are a number of things you’ll want to think about when it comes to maximizing their potential in your warehouse: proper storage, safety considerations, and keep inventory levels in check. But one thing that many warehouses neglect to do for their industrial shelves is to properly light them. There are a number of benefits to good lighting in your warehouse, so despite the cost of upgrading your lighting system you’ll end up benefiting (and so will your employees!).


Do You Have the Right Lighting in Your Warehouse?

aerialview563bcc4e6dfd0.jpgFewer Accidents

When your industrial shelves are well-lit, your team will be able to easily spot any hazards that might be in their way. This will help them avoid hazards and help you avoid the cost of injury claims. It can also reduce eye strain, which can lower the number of sick days used due to headaches as well as neck and shoulder aches. It can also help your team spot clutter that needs to be removed, which can help eliminate trip hazards.


Better Inventory Management

Good lighting means your team can see all the way to the back of your industrial shelves. That means fewer lost items, less damage when stocking your industrial shelves, and better control of your inventory. Good warehouse lighting should reach the back of the shelves so no items are missed or left behind. Good lighting will also help your team spot inventory numbers on tags and boxes, making order fulfillment and annual inventory checks a much quicker process.


Higher Team Morale

It might seem like a little thing to you, but good lighting in the workplace can actually improve employee morale. Not only does proper lighting help reduce eye strain (which can cause headaches as well as neck and shoulder pain) but it also creates a more welcoming work environment. No one wants to spend their days in a dark warehouse!


DAK Has the Right Industrial Shelves for Your Warehouse

If the problem in your warehouse isn’t the lighting but the industrial shelves themselves, DAK Equipment & Engineering can help you find the right shelves for your space. We have a huge inventory of industrial shelves in a variety of options, designs, and configurations so you get exactly the setup that you need. Fill out the form below and speak to one of our project managers today about your warehouse’s needs!


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