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Absolutely. DAK can provide everything you need for your facility, from basic material handling and safety equipment, to high-speed automated order processing systems.


A systems integrator oversees your entire project, making sure your systems work together seamlessly and give you the performance required. They provide expertise, design, installation, onsite support and more. The primary benefit of working with a systems integrator, like DAK Solutions, is that you have one team of experts working for you, rather than individual contacts at several different manufacturers, technology companies and contract houses.

The Value of Working with a Systems Integrator

Yes. You can access our full catalog below.

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Yes. DAK Solutions provides automated solutions to businesses within a variety of industries, including Pharma, Distribution, Automotive, Manufacturing and Food/Beverage. Whether you need a fully automated system built from the ground up, or want to integrate a new system with your existing equipment, DAK can help.

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DAK offers equipment and solutions for purchase or lease. You can learn more about our financing options on our Services page.


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3 Reasons To Call a Pro For Warehouse Optimization

If you check online, there’s lots of information about warehouse optimization. There’s “Top 10 Warehouse Space Optimization Tips” and “Top 50 Ways To Improve Your Small Warehouse Optimization.” There’s even a page on Pinterest about warehouse optimization. Pinterest!

Of course, that information is online and has to be taken with a grain of salt. (Pinterest might be a way to get ideas for organizing a garage, but we wouldn’t trust it millions of dollars of inventory.) The problem with so much of that information is that different articles contradict each other. Plus those are all just general warehouse management and organization tips; they might not work in your specific space. (That’s one reason we so seldom give generalized warehouse layout optimization advice.)

If you’ve already taken all the advice the internet has to offer and only improved your warehouse organization an insignificant amount, it might be time to call in a pallet rack organization expert. What can we offer that others can?


We Know The Racking Systems

We work in new pallet racking systems. We work in used racking equipment as well. We deal with warehouse solutions every day, from general wire racks to push back racking to drive in racking and everything in between. We’ve put new racks into old warehouses and used racks into new warehouses.

We say this for one simple reason: we know industrial pallet racks and shelving systems. We can identify what you have and what the best upgrades are if needed, ones that can save you space and time. Since we deal with pallet racks and other warehouse optimization all the time, we know about options that you might have never even heard about. Of course, we can also tell you how moving your racks could improve the efficiency of your warehouse even if you don’t upgrade.


We’ve Seen What Works (and What Doesn’t)

As we mentioned above, it can be nearly impossible to make suggestions to warehouse layout without actually seeing the property and working with blueprints (or working with measurements). Most people online will make suggestions based on what worked for their warehouse, and the chances it will work for yours are pretty small.

Because we’ve worked with so many warehouses in order to make sure they’re as efficient as possible, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t in just about every type of space imaginable. We know how different systems integrate well together and which ones just get in each other’s way. If you suggest something that we’ve seen work in another place, we can verify that it’s a good idea for you. If we’ve seen that fail in another location, we can tell you why it won’t work…all because we’ve seen it with our own eyes due to the experience we bring to the table.

We Know The Questions To Ask

One of the biggest reasons that people push back against professional warehouse organization is because they believe they know their space better than anyone. They know the workings of the warehouse and have worked hard to make it run as efficiently as possible.

And you know what? In many ways, they’re right. Working in a warehouse every day certainly gives someone a feeling about how things run most efficiently. But because of the first two reasons we talked about up above, warehouse managers are often not aware that there are other excellent options available to them.

When you bring us in as your warehouse optimization experts, we’re not just going to try to force everything on you. We need information from the people (like you) who work in the warehouse every day, and we know the question to ask about the ways that things are working efficiently and the way in which they are not. By asking these questions, it can bring to light problems that no one has seen before. “Why is <blank> done in this way? Is there a reason for it?” If there is a good reason, then we can incorporate it into our warehouse space optimization suggestions. If not, we’ll see if it can be changed or eliminated.


Let’s Get You Optimized

We don’t have to tell you that every warehouse is different. At first it might seem like getting the most from you industrial racking system would be easy by simply looking at others in your industry. But slight variances in square footage and door placement in warehouses can make a big difference when it comes to proper storage racking placement. That doesn’t even take into account the type of forklift you’re using, the material handling system you will need, and any other specialty structures you have in your warehouse such as module offices.

We know how important it is to keep control of your warehouse, and we’re not going to wrest the control from you. When you hire expert warehouse optimization experts, we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re making the most of your space. To get the process started or to ask questions, contact us today!




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