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Absolutely. DAK can provide everything you need for your facility, from basic material handling and safety equipment, to high-speed automated order processing systems.


A systems integrator oversees your entire project, making sure your systems work together seamlessly and give you the performance required. They provide expertise, design, installation, onsite support and more. The primary benefit of working with a systems integrator, like DAK Solutions, is that you have one team of experts working for you, rather than individual contacts at several different manufacturers, technology companies and contract houses.

The Value of Working with a Systems Integrator

Yes. You can access our full catalog below.

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Yes. DAK Solutions provides automated solutions to businesses within a variety of industries, including Pharma, Distribution, Automotive, Manufacturing and Food/Beverage. Whether you need a fully automated system built from the ground up, or want to integrate a new system with your existing equipment, DAK can help.

Automated Solutions

DAK offers equipment and solutions for purchase or lease. You can learn more about our financing options on our Services page.


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Fire Safety Tips To Follow in Your Warehouse

Fire Safety Tips To Follow in Your Warehouse

Tips for Preventing Pallet Rack Damage in Your Warehouse

Tips for Preventing Pallet Rack Damage in Your Warehouse

How To Improve Warehouse Storage Without Expanding

How To Improve Warehouse Storage Without Expanding

Ways To Speed Up Material Movement in Your Warehouse

Ways To Speed Up Material Movement in Your Warehouse

Debunked: 3 Common Misconceptions About Warehouse Automation

Debunked: 3 Common Misconceptions About Warehouse Automation

How To Maintain a Motivated Warehouse Team

How To Maintain a Motivated Warehouse Team

3 Essential Tips for Boosting Warehouse Productivity

3 Essential Tips for Boosting Warehouse Productivity

Buyer’s Guide: What To Consider in Warehouse Racking Systems

Buyer’s Guide: What To Consider in Warehouse Racking Systems

Take Down, Reset, Go: A Guide To Relocating Your Warehouse

Take Down, Reset, Go: A Guide To Relocating Your Warehouse

5 Must-Have Safety Items Every Warehouse Needs

5 Must-Have Safety Items Every Warehouse Needs

Top Five Automated Warehouse Technology Trends in 2021

Top Five Automated Warehouse Technology Trends in 2021

What To Consider When Choosing a Warehouse Conveyor System

What To Consider When Choosing a Warehouse Conveyor System

Warehouse Solutions: Tips for Reducing Product Damage

Warehouse Solutions: Tips for Reducing Product Damage

5 Top Safety Hazards in Warehouse Operations

5 Top Safety Hazards in Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Space Optimization: Four Helpful Tips & Techniques

Warehouse Space Optimization: Four Helpful Tips & Techniques

Push-Back Vs. Pallet-Flow Racks: What Is the Difference?

Push-Back Vs. Pallet-Flow Racks: What Is the Difference?

Warehouse Safety: 5 Tips To Keep Your Employees Safe

Warehouse Safety: 5 Tips To Keep Your Employees Safe

Warehouse Efficiency: Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

Warehouse Efficiency: Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

Complete Guide: 5 Tips for Integrating Warehouse Automation

Complete Guide: 5 Tips for Integrating Warehouse Automation

5 Common Warehouse Management Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common Warehouse Management Mistakes To Avoid

The Dos & Don'ts of Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems

The Dos & Don’ts of Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems

5 Benefits of Warehouse Automation

5 Benefits of Warehouse Automation

5 Tips From Experts to Successfully Run a Warehouse in 2021

5 Tips From Experts to Successfully Run a Warehouse in 2021

3 Tips for Dealing With Warehouse Labor Shortage

3 Tips for Dealing With Warehouse Labor Shortage

pallet flow rack in a warehouse
Warehouse Optimization

Storage Optimization for Increased Throughput & Improved Material Flow

worker in a cold storage warehouse with a forklift

Cold Storage is the New “HOT” Topic

work platform and pallets with cartons ready to ship in a warehouse

Turnkey Storage Solution for a Global Logistics Leader

pallet racking in a warehouse

4,700 Pallet Positions for a 50,000 SF Distribution Center

steel shelves
Safety & Protection

A Simple Solution for Small Parcels

modular wall with windows
Warehouse Optimization

Modular Walls for a Healthier Workplace

small warehouse
Equipment Protection

Rack Repair & Protection for Prospect Fastener [Case Study]

DAK Capabilities

Equipment Protection

K3 SuperStop

Safety & Protection

K3 Sprinkler Guards

Safety & Protection

K3 Row Guards

Safety & Protection

K3 Column Protectors

Safety & Protection

K3 Brute Corner Guard

Warehouse Optimization

Work Platform (Mezzanine)

Equipment Protection

Wire Partition


Wire Deck


Vertical Storage Carousel

an aisle of selective pallet rack in a warehouse
Dealer News

System Design Cheat Sheet – Selective Rack

push-back pallet rack
Dealer News

System Design Cheat Sheet – Push Back Rack

drive-in pallet rack
Dealer News

System Design Cheat Sheet – Drive-in Rack

cantilever rack
Dealer News

System Design Cheat Sheet – Cantilever Rack


Selective Rack

Equipment Protection

Rack & Conveyor Netting

push-back pallet rack

Push-Back Pallet Rack

Warehouse Optimization

Pre-Engineered Modular Office

Warehouse Optimization

Pick Module System


Pallet Shuttle

Material Flow

Pallet Flow Rack


Pallet Conveyor


Industrial Steel Shelving

Equipment Protection

Guard Rail

drive-in pallet rack

Drive-in, Drive-through Pallet Rack


Double Deep Pallet Rack


Case & Tote Conveyor


Cantilever Rack


Automation & Systems Integration


Automated Storage & Retrieval System – Unit Load


Automated Storage & Retrieval System – Mini Load

K3 Heavy Duty In-rack Sprinkler Guard Impact Test Video

warehouse with pallet racking and automated systems
Material Flow

Helping a Consumer Products Company Take On the Competition

drive-in rack
Material Flow

Improving Product Flow for Constant Product Mix Change

Material Flow

Complete Turnkey Solution for New 10-Acre Distribution Center

Warehouse Optimization

Giving a University a Quick Upgrade

Material Flow

Helping the Air Force Work More Efficiently

steel shelving on a work platform
Material Flow

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

aisle of carton flow rack

Redesigning a Warehouse to Reduce Costs

work platform in a warehouse
Warehouse Optimization

The Power of Structural Work Platforms

selective pallet rack
Warehouse Optimization

Maximizing a Manufacturer’s Storage Space

Material Flow

Increasing Order Fulfillment Speed and Throughput

warehouse with many aisles of pallet racking

Increasing Shipments Through Modern Pallet Racking Systems

full warehouse view with conveyor and boxes
Material Flow

Redesigning a Facility for High-Speed Order Processing

Material Flow

Finding the Perfect Pallet Flow Solution


Do the Math: Investing in Modern Material Handling Systems


Automation: Not Just for the Mega Distribution Center

Equipment Protection

New Video! K3 In-rack Sprinkler Guard Impact Test

Dealer News

Rack Design: The Importance of Flue Space

broken pallets and bent beams
Dealer News

Why RMI Rack Certification Matters

Warehouse Optimization

How to Use Modular Offices in Your Facility

Warehouse Optimization

5 Advantages of Starrco Modular Offices

Bay dimensions for drive in pallet racking example
Dealer News

Designing Selective Rack Based on Pallet Sizes

Warehouse Optimization

The Value of Working with a Systems Integrator

Equipment Protection

How to Determine In-rack Sprinkler Guard Size

Dealer News

How to Determine In-rack Sprinkler Guard Size

Dealer News

What Does FOB Mean and How Does It Work?

Dealer News

Understanding Cantilever Solutions

Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse Cleaning Tips, Part 2

Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse Cleaning Tips, Part 1

Safety & Protection

Get Your Employees Back into the Workplace Safely

Dealer News

Discounts on Wholesale Material Handling Equipment


New Product Alert: Roll Out Pallet


Find a Qualified Team for Your Racking Inspections

Warehouse Optimization

Tips on How to Operate During Business Disruptions

Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse Mezzanines: Types & Considerations When Installing

Safety & Protection

Warehouse Safety Tips


Top 7 Warehouse Design Challenges

Warehouse Optimization

Want to Increase Warehouse Profits? Read This…

Material Flow

5 Warehouse Tips You Can’t Ignore

Warehouse Optimization

Tips for Cleaning a Warehouse

What Are You Saving By Choosing K3 Werks Pallet Rack Systems?


Why In-Stock Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems Are So Important

Material Flow

Warehouse Automation: High-Density Solutions 

Warehouse Optimization

How Organization Can Benefit a Warehouse


What Affects The Price of Pallet Rack Systems?

broken pallets and bent beams

National Safety Month and the Need For Well-Constructed Warehouse Racking Systems

Thank You to Our Customers

How Is Spending Money Saving Money On Pallet Racks?

Equipment Protection

K3 Werks: DAK’s Own Line of Warehouse Products

Warehouse Optimization

Why You Should Get Professional Installation With Your Pallet Rack System

Material Flow

5 Big Mistakes That Warehouses End Up Making


Simple Tips From Warehouse Optimization Consultants

Warehouse Optimization

Here’s What You Need To Know About Carton Flow Racks

Warehouse Optimization

Why Warehouse Wire Decking Should Be The Default In Most Warehouse Strategy Plans

Warehouse Optimization

Your Pallet Racks Are In…Now What?

Warehouse Optimization

Don’t Forget To Make Room For These Extras When Making A Warehouse Strategy Plan


What Should Your Aisle Size Be Between Your Pallet Racks?

4 New Year’s Resolutions To Make Regarding Your Warehouse and Pallet Racks

What’s Happening To Warehouses In 2019?

Warehouse Optimization

When Robots, Drones, and Automated Forklifts Rule Your Pallet Racks


Green Warehouses: 7 Ways To Make Your Warehouse More Environmentally Friendly

Green Warehouses: Why You Should Make Your Warehouse Environmentally Friendly

Warehouse Optimization

The Importance Of Signage As Part of Warehouse Optimization

4 Reasons To Move Pallet Racks

4 Myths About Warehouse Racking and Pallet Rack Systems

How Pallet Rack Inspection Services Can Save Your Headaches

Warehouse Optimization

3 Reasons To Call a Pro For Warehouse Optimization

Beyond Pallet Racking: More Warehouse Efficiency Solutions

5 Reasons You Might Need To Replace Your Pallet Racking


5 Big Mistakes People Make With Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse Optimization

How Wire Partitions Can Increase Your Warehouse Optimization Efficiency


How Warehouse Optimization and Pallet Rack Shelving Can Help Optimize Multiple Warehouses

Integrating Automation in your Warehouse Saves Time & Money

How Your New Pallet Rack System Is Going To Make Inventory Easier

Unexpected Benefits You Might See From Industrial Pallet Storage Racking

7 Reasons You Might Consider Epoxy Floor Sealants Under Your Pallet Rack Shelving

When Your Warehouse Should Consider Upgrading Its Pallet Rack System

3 Mistakes You Might Make Without A Warehouse Optimization Expert

Why You Should Get Your Pallet Rack System Professionally Inspected

5 Reasons To Get That Outdated Stock Off Your Storage Racking

Selective pallet racking systems from DAK

Why Buying Pallet Rack Shelving NOW Could Save You Considerable Money

Material Flow

FIFO vs. LIFO: Pros, Cons, and How They Affect Your Warehouse Equipment

Elements & Benefits of Pallet Rack Flow Systems for Chicago Warehouses

How Training Can Prevent the Need for Warehouse Equipment Repair

Should You Buy New or Used Warehouse Equipment?

Why Cheap Racking Isn’t Worth It

Warehouse Optimization

How to Move Product More Efficiently With Conveyors

Equipment Protection

Easy-to-Install Sprinkler Guard Selection Available at DAK Equipment

Equipment Protection

Minimize Risk to Workers and Equipment with Upright Protection

Should You Be Using Recycled Rackable Pallets?


How Much Weight Can Pallet Racks Hold?

Harness the Power of Gravity On Your Carton Flow Rack

One Quick Trick to Keep Your Shelves Organized

Discovering the Perfect Pallets for Your Warehouse Racking

Wide, Narrow, or Very Narrow: Picking Your Aisle Size

The Pros and Cons of Doing Rack Repair Yourself

The Danger of Pallet Rack Damage

Warehouse Optimization

The Best Pallet Racks When You Don’t Need Access 100% of the Time

Warehouse Staff

These Guys Make Success Happen for You

The Highest Density Configuration for Pallet Shelves

Warehouse Optimization

Everything You Need for Your Dock


Advantages of Bolted Upright Pallet Racking

Add Floor Mats to the Area Around Your Pallet Rack for More Comfort

Equipment Protection

Why Even a Little Column Damage on Your Pallet Racking is a Big Deal

Back to Basics: Pallet Safety

Equipment Protection

Racking Protection Keeps Your Investment Safe

Dealer News

New Addition to the K3 Safety & Protection Product Line

Equipment Protection

New Addition to K3 Safety Products Line

Back to Basics: Why Warehouses Need Pallet Racks

More Ways Drones Could be Good for Your Warehouse


What Needs to Happen Once Your Pallet Racking Is Installed

bolted bridge
Dealer News

Advantages of Bolted Upright Pallet Racking

Make the Most of Your Square Footage With These Pallet Rack Tips

How to Put Carton Flow Racks to Work in Your Illinois Warehouse

How the Right Pallet Racking Can Solve Inventory Overpopulation in Your Illinois Warehouse

How DAK Equipment & Engineering Can Help You Win the Next Warehouse Equipment Contract

Keep Your Carton Flow Rack Organized with Bins and Boxes

Should You Install Your Pallet Rack Yourself?

Warehouse Permitting: What You Need to Know

vertical fire baffles
Dealer News

Tech Tip: In-Rack Fire Barriers

Check In With Our Team Often on Wholesale Pallet Rack Closeouts

How We Installed Executive-Worthy Office Space Inside This Warehouse

How Much Pallet Racking Do You Really Need?

Double the Carton Flow Rack Capacity with a Mezzanine

Ladders for All of Your Selective Pallet Racks

How to Manage the Relocation of Your Warehouse Equipment

Why You Need to Include Wire Decking in Your Next Warehouse Equipment Purchase

How the Right Warehouse Equipment Helps Your Bottom Line

Five Things Your Warehouse Needs Besides Pallet Rack Shelving

Our Warehouse Consultants Can Design Your Perfect Warehouse Layout

Easy Ways You Can Boost Employee Productivity This Week

Should You Buy New or Used Pallet Racks for Your Warehouse?

The Benefits of Finishing and Starting Right for Warehouse Management

How Your Warehouse Type Affects Your Warehouse Equipment Needs

Making Your Warehouse More Ergonomically Correct

How to Keep Your Warehouse Clean

Signs of Poor Pallet Rack Repair

Getting to the Bottom of Employee Theft

How to Reduce Theft in Your Warehouse

5 Items That Make Your Warehouse More Comfortable for Workers

Redundant Processes Are a Big Problem For Today’s Warehouses

Why Tech Might be Enhancing Your Team Instead of Replacing It

Join the DAK Team as a Sale Engineer/Project Manager

5 Pieces of Warehouse Equipment to Try in Your Warehouse This Year

FAQ About Working With a Warehouse Consultant

A Closer Look at the Warehouse Equipment We Used to Double Storage Capacity


How Our Warehouse Consultants Nearly Doubled the Storage Space for This Warehouse

All the Info and Benefits You Should Know About Wire Decking

FAQ About Prefab Offices

What People Say About Working With Our Warehouse Consultants

Five Fresh Ideas for a More Productive Warehouse

The Role of Lighting in Your Warehouse

Get to Know Your Warehouse Equipment: Forklifts

Get to Know Your Warehouse Equipment: Industrial Conveyor Systems (Part 2)

Get to Know Your Warehouse Equipment: Industrial Conveyor Systems (Part 1)

Our Warehouse Consultants Were Nationwide in 2016!

Pros and Cons of Cantilever Racking

How to Split Up Your Warehouse for Different Areas

10 Things to Love About Our Prefab Offices

The Dangers of Warehouse Overcrowding & How to Fix It

Two Situations Perfect for Drive-In Pallet Racking

More Tips for a Better Racking Inspection

Why Forklift Safety Training Should be Taken Seriously

How to Buy Used Safety Equipment For Your Warehouse

The Many Benefits of Going Narrow

Should Pallet Racks or Retrieval Method Come First in Warehouse Planning?

Raising Morale in Your Warehouse

Staying Up-To-Date on Safety Requirements

How to Improve Your Warehouse Safety Training

Creating Warehouse Safety Checklists

How to Avoid Making Unnecessary Warehouse Equipment Purchases

How to Save Money on Your Warehouse Equipment

What New Warehouse Equipment Will You Be Investing in This Year?

Why You Should Be Working With an Outside Consultant to Optimize Your Warehouse

How to Prepare for New Pallet Shelving In Your Warehouse

How to Prep for Annual Inventory

Making Inventory Easier With Better Warehouse Equipment

Why the Christmas Meltdown of 2013 Is Unlikely to Ever Happen Again

How the Right Warehouse Equipment Solves the Biggest Warehouse Issues

What You Need to Know About Shared Warehousing

Will Warehouse Equipment Replace Your Labor Force?

The Benefits of Designated Spaces in Your Warehouse

Tips on Getting Your Warehouse Equipment Organized

Why You Should Be Reading Our Case Studies

How Going Mobile Can Benefit Your Warehouse

Common Warehouse Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

Getting Better at Forecasting for Your Warehouse

How the Right Warehouse Equipment Is Better For Customer Service

How to Improve Your Pick Times in 2017

Five New Years Resolutions for Your Warehouse

The Right Time to Talk to Us About Warehouse Planning

Signs It’s Time for New Pallet Racking in Your Warehouse

How Looking Up Could Help Increase Your Space

Emergency Response steel lockers from DAK

The Benefits of Installing Industrial Lockers in Your Space

warehouse consultants can help with picking process

How Fast is Order Picking In Your Warehouse?

Do You Have the Right Warehouse Equipment For Your Space?

Discover Warehouse Optimization Services from DAK Equipment & Engineering

Warehouse Mezzanine in Use

Packing on a Mezzanine Deck

flue space pallet stop
Dealer News

How To: Up-sell Using Our New Flue Space Pallet Stop

Taking Up Less Space with Your Conveyor Systems

How to Keep Your Industrial Storage Racks Clean

The Only Place that Fewer Steps is Better

Pallet Sizes Around the World

pallet shelving

When It’s Time to Ditch Those Old Pallets

Could Your Conveyor Systems Generate Their Own Power?

pallet rack system

How Often Should You Count Small Inventory on Your Shelves

5 Signs It’s Time for a Modular Office

What It Takes to Make the Perfect Warehouse

Put Your Mind at Ease About a New Conveyor System

The Most Flexible Warehouse Storage Solution

The Pros of Pallet Flow Racks

How to Determine if Modular Offices Are Right for You

Quick Daily Tasks to Keep Your Conveyor Systems Running

many rows of selective rack in a warehouse
Dealer News

Tech Tip: Rack Installation Safety

463L Pallet Conveyor System

Defining Terms About Conveyor Systems

How Lighting Can Affect Your Industrial Shelves

modular offices

The Best Layout for Your Modular Offices

Double Warehouse Mezzanine System from DAK

Going Up…Again! Using Multiple Mezzanine Levels in Your Warehouse

How Drones Could Replace Your Conveyor Systems (And Why They Probably Won’t)

Discover Which Pallet You Should be Using on Your Industrial Shelves

warehouse mezzanine

A Guide to Maintenance on Your Mezzanine

pallet rack system

Pros and Cons of Motorizing Pallet Rack Shelving

Incline industrial conveyor systems available from DAK

The Pros and Cons of Powered and Unpowered Conveyor Systems

Loaded cantilever rack from DAK

Narrow Your Aisles to Maximize Your Profits

modular office

Why You Should Move Your Office Staff into Modular Offices

The Benefits of a Shelf-Supported Warehouse Mezzanine

Stay Fast and Flexible with Industrial Conveyor Systems

How to Cut Costs with the Right Industrial Shelves

How to Use Pallet Rack Shelving to Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage

How to Make a Mezzanine Work in Your Oddly-Shaped Area

The Potential Downside of Conveyor Systems

We Have Industrial Shelves for Retail Spaces, Too

Overlooked Areas of Maintenance for Pallet Racks

Common Mistakes with Industrial Storage Racks

When Double Deep Pallet Racks Could Be Your Best Bet

Why You Need a Dedicated Training Space for Your Warehouse

Re-Evaluate Your Floor Plan When Installing a Mezzanine Level

How Conveyor Systems Help You Manage Your Costs

Why You Need Accountability for Those Working on Your Industrial Shelves

How Slotting Your Pallet Racks Can Help Increase Your Efficiency

How to Make Pallet Racking Installation Easier

Get Your Warehouse Ready for Modular Offices

How to Maximize the Space Underneath Your Mezzanine Level

Why Conveyor Systems Are a $10 Billion Market

Using Robots to Work in Your Industrial Shelves

3 Jobs For Your Pallet Racks

The Versatility of Conveyor Systems

The Cost Efficiency of Modular Offices vs. Permanent Construction

When You Need Cantilever Racks in Your Warehouse

Make Industrial Storage Racks More Versatile with Wire Decking

Must Have Accessories for Industrial Conveyor Systems

Tips on Making Your Modular Offices More Welcoming

Structural Components That Can Get in the Way of Your Mezzanine

How Long Conveyor Systems Can Last

Avoid This Major Mistake with Your Industrial Shelves

3 Ways to Get More into Your Warehouse Without Buying More Pallet Racks

Conveyor Systems for Multi Level Warehouses

Safety Measures for Warehouse Mezzanines

Go Up for Modular Office Space

Should You Buy New or Used Modular Offices?

Why Mezzanines Aren’t Just for Huge Warehouses

Use Conveyor Systems to Cut Down on Touches

How the Right Industrial Shelves Cut Down Walk Time

Information You’ll Need Before Ordering Your Pallet Racks

How Standardization Can Help Your Warehouse Make More Money

Keep Workers Safe on Your Tall Industrial Shelves

Deadly Pallet Rack Shelving Collapse Provides Lessons for All Warehouse Workers

Five Ways to Make More Room on Your Industrial Shelves

How to Make Your Modular Office More Comfortable

Pallet Racks For Any Size Warehouse: DAK Equipment & Engineering

Our Chicago Industrial Shelves Could be the Answer You Need

Is It Time to Install a Conveyor System in Your Chicago Warehouse?

Why You Should Choose Our Chicago Mezzanines for Your Warehouse

Why Modulars Offices Should be Part of Your 2016 Goals

Get the Chicago Pallet Racks & Other Warehouse Supplies You Need Fast

Which Pallet Racks Are Right for Your Milwaukee Warehouse?

How to Organize Your Chicago Industrial Shelves

Our Mobile Industrial Shelves Can Help Your Milwaukee Warehouse Move

Could a Mini-Veyor be the Conveyor Systems Your Chicago Warehouse Needs?

Conveyor Systems vs. Ball Transfer Tables: Which is Best for Your Milwaukee Warehouse?

Turn Your Chicago Mezzanine Into Powerful Work Stations

What’s Holding You Back From Installing Our Milwaukee Mezzanines?

Get Accessories For Your Integra Modular Offices in Chicago

Discover Features of Our Milwaukee Modular Offices

Pallet Rack Systems for Your Small Chicago Warehouse

Make a Resolution to Organize Your Industrial Shelves

A Case Study in Conveyor Systems

How Our Chicago Industrial Shelves Can be Customized to Meet Your Needs

How Our Chicago Mezzanine Solution Help Save One Furniture Manufacturer Money

One Great Modular Office, Many Great Uses

The Relationship Between Organization and Safety in Your Warehouse

Conveyor System Can Help Reduce Errors in Your Warehouse

How to Avoid Surprises When it Comes to Upgrading Your Pallet Racks

Why Your Business Can’t Underestimate the Importance of Industrial Shelves

Use Our Milwaukee Conveyor Systems to Get Shipments Out Faster

The Benefits of Staying in Your Current Milwaukee Warehouse

Customize Your Modular Offices to Suit Your Needs

How High You Should Build Your Chicago Pallet Racks

How Your Industrial Shelves Help You Keep Up With Customer Demand

Save On Your Wholesale Pallet Rack

How to Properly Lay Out Your Industrial Shelves

How to Lower Costs in Your Warehouse

The Benefits of Having a Quiet Modular Office on a Busy Warehouse Floor

Alternatives to a Mezzanine Level in Your Chicago Warehouse

Should You Integrate Dynamic Batch Picking in your Warehouse?

What Pick-to-Light Is and How it Works With Your Industrial Shelves

Are You Using the Right Picking Method for Your Chicago Industrial Shelves?

Why You Shouldn’t Be Manually Organizing Workflow on Your Green Bay Industrial Storage Racks

Cut Down on Walk Time with Our Chicago Conveyor Systems

How to Choose the Right Chicago Industrial Conveyor Systems

Three Ideas to Make Use of a Mezzanine Level in Your Milwaukee Warehouse

Choose the Chicago Mezzanine Deck That’s Right for You

How Our Milwaukee Modular Offices Can Help Improve Communication

When to Buy Used Warehouse Equipment

3 ways to Use Our Chicago Modular Offices to Build a Stronger Team

Create the Perfect Workspace on Your Milwaukee Warehouse Mezzanine Deck

Our Chicago Industrial Storage Racks Could be Right for Your Retail Space

How Looking Up Could Help You Make More Room for Pallet Racks in Your Chicago Warehouse

Why Your Chicago Warehouse Might Want to Use Plastic Industrial Shelving

The Advantages of Overhead Conveyor Systems

Save Money With Our Chicago Warehouse Mezzanine Levels

Our Chicago Modular Offices Make It Easy to Set Up Your Clean Room

How Automation Works With Your Industrial Shelves

Why Experience Matters When Buying Pallet Racks in Milwaukee

How Modular Offices and Mobile Computing is improving Chicago Warehouses

What Customers Are Saying About DAK Equipment

The Three Phases of Chicago Pallet Rack Shelving Installation

How Warehouse Mezzanines and Modular Offices Can Work Together

How to Properly Maintain Your Conveyor Systems

Are There Chicago Warehouses Operating Without Pallet Racks?

Implement the 5s System In Your Warehouse

Why the New Year is a Great Time to Think About Your Chicago Industrial Shelves

Helpful Guidelines for Safe Storage On Your Chicago Pallet Rack Shelving

Three Reasons to Coose Our Milwaukee Modular Offices

How Businesses Around the Country Are Using Their Mezzanine Deck

Which Milwaukee Businesses Need Conveyor Systems the Most

What Causes Milwaukee Industrial Shelves to Collapse

How to Keep the People Working Around Your Pallet Racks Safe

For All of Your Wholesale Pallet Rack Needs, Trust Chicago Based DAK Equipment and Engineering

Materials Handling Systems: Facility Design & Layout

Materials Handling Systems: Our Logistics Design Services

Materials Handling Systems To Propel Your Business Forward

Your Premier Source For Pallet Racks & Materials Handling Systems

Invest In Pallet Racks To Reduce Damage And Costs

How to Keep Pallet Racks OSHA Compliant

A Good Warehouse More Than Wholesale Pallet Racks

Wholesale Pallet Racks: Keeping Your Costs Low

Wholesale Pallet Racks: Increasing Profitability With DAK

Why Choose Wire Decking: Wholesale Pallet Racks

The Benefits Of An Order Picking System In Your Warehouse

The Importance Of Having The Right Materials Handling System

How to Improve the Pallet Racks in Your Chicago Warehouse in 2016

Three of Our Most Popular Services in Chicago in 2015

Use Our Milwaukee Modular Office and Lockers for the Perfect Warehouse Break Room

3 Steps to Milwaukee Warehouse Transformation

What to Do When Your Conveyor Systems Break Down

Be a CAD Intern at DAK Equipment in Chicago

Make Time to Reorganize Your Pleasant Prairie Pallet Racking Systems to Maximize Efficiency

Make Time to Review Forklift Safety Around Your Chicago Pallet Rack Shelving

Consider a Phased Installation of Selective Pallet Rack in Your Wisconsin Warehouse

Why More Material Handling Pros Trust Our Wholesale Pallet Rack in Wisconsin

Peak Season is Here–Are Your Wisconsin Pallet Racks Ready?

Start Incremental Change in Your Chicago Warehouse with Our Carton Flow Rack

Discover What May be Causing the Order Backlog in your Wisconsin Warehouse

3 Things You Might Not Know About Selective Pallet Rack

Could Your Packaging Be Decreasing the Efficiency of Your Pallet Rack?

Your Wholesale Racking May be Joined by More Automation in the Coming Years

Now Is the Time to Evaluate Your Wholesale Pallet Rack Needs

Reduce Touches and Increase Efficiency with a Carton Flow Rack in Your Chicago Warehouse

Why Pallet Shelves Might Not be Right for Your Returns Area

How Documenting Your Process Affects the Pallet Racks in Your Chicago Warehouse

Selective Pallet Rack is Perfect for Your Chicago Company’s Seasonal Merchandise

Loaded cantilever rack from DAK

Understanding and Designing Cantilever Solutions

Solve Your End-of-year Right NOW Problems

Thanksgiving Dinner

Gobble Till You Wobble

Equipment Protection

Rack System Design: The Importance of Flue Space

Why Optimizing Your Pick Line Could Be More Important Than Your Pallet Rack

Consider This Before You Buy More Wholesale Racking

How Automation Works With Your Wholesale Pallet Rack System

Open Up Room On Your Selective Pallet Rack With a Lean Inventory Model

Why Small Items Shouldn’t Go On Pallet Shelves

What Role Will Your Pallet Racks Serve in the Future?

Why a Carton Flow Rack Is Needed on Your Pick Line

Dealer News

Structural vs. Roll-Formed Rack: When to Sell the “Big” Stuff

Learn How Pallet Shelves Can Change Your Business

Keep Your Costs Low with the Right Pallet Shelves

Could Pallet Racks Create More Customer Purchases?

How to Keep Your Selective Pallet Rack Organized

Make Sure You Set a Schedule to Inspect Your Pallet Rack

Why It Matters That You Purchase Wholesale Racking from a Trusted Source

Become a Company Superhero

Beat the Heat in Your Facility

Learn How Your Selective Pallet Rack System Can Go Green

How a Carton Flow Rack Works for High SKU Traffic

Could Pallet Racks Cut Back On Sick Days?

Maximize Working Capacity with Pallet Racks from DAK Equipment

Save Up to 75% in Labor Costs with Carton Flow Racks

wire deck on pallet rack beams
Dealer News

All Hands on (Wire) Deck!

Dealer News

Going Beyond Selective Rack


We Don’t Do Forklifts, But…

It is Never Uncommon for a Warehouse Manager to Weigh the Options of Investing in New Pallet Rack Shelving or Buying Used Pallet Rack Shelves

drive-in pallet rack
Dealer News

When Should You Sell Drive-in Rack?

Promat Logo
Dealer News

Help Me Choose New Products

pallet flow rack in a warehouse
Dealer News

How to Ensure a Smooth Rack Installation

Upgrade Your Facility in a Weekend

How to Properly Deal with Empty Pallets

From Wholesale Pallet Racks to Entire Pallet Rack Systems, Chicago-Based DAK Equipment Delivers Solutions to Your Warehouse Problems


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To Help Determine Which Type of Pallet Rack System You Need for Your Chicago Warehouse, There are Questions that Need to be Answered

It is Imperative You Choose the Right Pallet Jack for Your Pallet Rack System at Your Chicago Warehouse

How Can a Pallet Flow Rack System Help Make Your Work a Safer Place and Increase Production at the Same Time?

There are Several Factors That Will Determine Which System Should be Implemented at Your Location

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Safety & Protection

Expand Your Product Offering with Flexible Load Stop Systems

Moving Up: Use More of Your Cube


Tools to Grow Your Skills

A Pallet Rack System Would Serve as the Ideal Solution to Your Chicago Warehouse Storage Problems


What You Need to Know about Freight Class Changes

One Thing Often Overlooked Concerning Your Pallet Rack System at Your Chicago Warehouse is Rack Capacity Labels

From Wholesale Racking to Supply Equipment, We Deliver Solutions You Can Build Upon

In Addition to Racking Systems, We Carry a Wide Range of Pallet Racking Supplies

Pallet Racking 101: What’s Best For You?

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Interlake Changes Beam Connections, Capacity, and More

32’H Used Double-Deep Selective Rack

We are More Than Wholesale Racking and Pallet Racks, We Offer Several Types of Services to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Costs

From Wholesale Pallet Racks to Racking Supplies, We Keep Your Warehouse Equipped with What You Need to Keep Things Running Smooth

We Do Know Most Everything There is to Know about Pallet Racking and Supplies

Selective Pallet Racks: More Commonly Asked Questions

Year-End Discount on Selected Used Equipment

Commonly Asked Questions About Selective Pallet Racks

More Frequently Asked Questions About Carton Flow Racks

Interlake Moves to Punched Connections

Carton Flow Rack: Common Questions From You

Common Customer Questions About Our Pallet Flow Racks

Selective Wholesale Pallet Rack Provides Efficient Use of Space and Immediate Access to Every Load

Frequently Asked Questions About Pallet Flow Racks

Durable Wholesale Pallet Racks For Your Business

What Is RMI? Why Is It Important To You?

FAQs: How Many Pallets Can I Store In My Warehouse?

Couple Your Pallet Racks With A Gravity Conveyor

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‘Tis The Season for Safety


Manufacturer Lead Times Increase

There are Several Types of Pallet Racking Systems and Configurations That Need to be Considered Before Implementation

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Traditional Pallet Rack Shelving is a Great for Many Warehouse Facilities, But You May Need Another Solution

Using Our Pallet Flow Rack System for Your Industrial Needs is Very Beneficial Indeed

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Understanding Freight Claims: Part Two

Understanding Freight Claims–Part One

Bay Height Requirements for Industrial Pallet Racks from DAK Equipment & Engineering

How To: Calculate Pallet Bay Height

Enclose Your Space With A Modular Office

Take Your Storage To A New Level With A Mezzanine

Project Management For Your Materials Handling System

Does Your Materials Handling System Need Wire Partitions?

Boost Efficiency & Yield With Our Materials Handling Systems

Make Your Facility Flow Smoother With Pallet Flow Rack

DAK Equipment & Engineering: More Than Meets The Eye

Strategic Planning From The Materials Handling Systems Experts

Upgrade To Efficiency With Our Material Handling Systems

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A Guide to Shipping Rack Materials

Boost Your Productivity With Our Material Handling Systems

Add Efficiency and Safety with Pallet Flow Racks

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DAK Wins Premiere Dealer Award

Material Handling Systems: Today’s Efficient Warehouse Solutions

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Freight Audits

Truck Transport

Know Your Truckloads


Shipping Tips and Tricks

Advantages Of The Pallet Flow Rack System | DAK Equipment

Outdoor Structural material handling solutions from DAK

Outdoor Storage? We Do That Too

Ideal Solutions For Storage: The Pallet Flow Rack

Delivery of materials handling equipment from DAK

Avoiding Freight Charge Surprises

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Fast and Inexpensive? What’s Not to Love?

Equipment Protection

In-rack Sprinklers Prevent Havoc in the Warehouse

Interlake Beams for Custom Material Handling Equipment from DAK Equipment

Too Many Beams

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Mallard Carton Flow from DAK

Carton Flow Now Available

Ridg-U-Rak Footplates for Materials Handling Technology from DAK

Ridg-U-Rak Resizes Upright Footplates

upright materials handling solutions from DAK

Do Uprights Have a Front?

20th Anniversary of amazing material handling systems at DAK
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DAK Equipment in the MHEDA Journal

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The Countdown Begins

CAD Drawing of plant layout and material handling from DAK

Get a Sneak Peek at Success

New Price Book for material handling products from DAK

More Competitive Pricing, Same Great Service!

Flanged Pallet Racking Systems Support from DAK
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8 Facts About Pallet Supports


How Fast is “Quick Ship”?

Ram Guard Cutaway material handling technology from DAK
Equipment Protection

Don’t Hold Back on Offering Column Protection

Ridg-U-Rak Award Ceremony

DAK Wins Ridg-U-Rak Award

Ridg-U-Rak Award Ceremony

DAK Wins Ridg-U-Rak Award

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Our Warehouse is Your Warehouse

upright materials handling solutions from DAK
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Do Uprights Have a Front?

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Is Bigger Better?
    Warehousing and Clear Height


Sweat the Small Stuff

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Lock ‘Em Down

Clip steel shelving units from DAK
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DAK Is Your Source for Industrial Clip Shelving

Portable Dock Ramp, one of the materials handling solutions from DAK

How To: Figure Out the Ramps Needed for Indoor Forklifts

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Beam Sale Ends

Height to Depth Ratio for a material handling system from DAK

How High is Too High?

Height to Depth Ratio for a material handling system from DAK
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Pallet Rack: How High is Too High?

pallet rack shelving from DAK
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Measure for Success: Adding Decking to Existing Rack

Standard pallet rack shelving decking from DAK

Measure for Success

Beams for pallet racking for sale from DAK

A Truckload of Beams on Sale!

2014 New Year

New Year, New Objectives

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New Wire Decks at an Unbelievable Price

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Price vs Performance (and Safety)

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Easy to Install Pallet Stops


Easy-to-Install Pallet Stops

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Choosing Between New and Used

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CAD Drawing of warehousing logistics from DAK

We’re More than Our Products

industrial shelving units from DAK

Solve Your Customer’s Smaller Storage Problems

Proper Lifting Diagram

Improve the Fit between Tasks and Capabilities


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Why We Love RIDG-U-RAK

Dock where DAK assembles your mechanical handling equipment

Make Our Warehouse Look Like Your Warehouse

DAK warehousing logistics can include dock door screens for comfort

Summer Comfort

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Carton Flow Rack

Why Carton Flow?

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DAK Offers Structural Rack Solutions from Frazier Industrial

Modular Office During Construction

Pre-Engineered Offices–Fast, Easy and Flexible


It’s Easy to be Green–And it Saves Money Too!


DAK Becomes Ridg-U-Rak Stocking Distributor

Anti-Fatigue Mat as a part of Warehouse Designs

Remember the Simple Things

DAK Materials Handling Equipment

DAK Equipment Lets Creativity Do the Talking for Warehouse Planning

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Steel Prices are Rising. How it Affects You

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